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Search Engine Optimization

We implement only “White Hat” SEO techniques. The methods we use are approved by all major search engines including Google.

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SEO Consulting

Our SEO consulting services teach you how you can make your site optimal for both your users and all of the major search engines.

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SEO Analysis

Optimizing a website the way that search engines love them is not something so easy. Like every website owner, you want to target specific search terms. This is all included in our analysis.

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Google Penalty Removal

If you’ve been hit with a Google penalty (manual action) or have been penalized by the search engines, we can help you get back to page 1.

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WordPress SEO

We know and understand the in’s and out’s for what it takes to rank WordPress websites higher in the search results.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

We can reduce your costs by setting up your campaigns properly while increasing your visibility at the same time.

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We Help Businesses Make the Most Out of the Internet


Whether we’re providing technical SEO recommendations for our clients' websites, creating content strategies, building an audience via organic or paid search platforms, or helping measure the success of the whole thing, our skills help our clients' businesses thrive online.


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We Craft White Hat SEO Solutions that Work

We do a lot of White Hat SEO as well as Google AdWords or PPC campaign management, and web design, and when we say we’re one of the best Michigan SEO companies, our confidence doesn't come from nothing more than an over-inflated ego. We have gained many clients from other Michigan SEO companies that overcharged and under performed. Some of these agencies were such hacks that their clients were penalized by Google. That’s the definition of terrible SEO and it's never happened on our watch.




We’re Passionate About Search

We do things differently. Your company isn’t the same as others in your industry, so don’t expect the cookie-cutter approach from us. It simply doesn’t work.  Sure, we know innovative ways to raise your average position on all of the major search engines. Our secret weapon is a combination of highly effective on-page SEO, plus off page index work.



Free SEO Site Evaluation - No Commitment Required

Our Priority is Our Clients

Our Client's Words

Normally, I don't leave reviews but since my experience with this company was more than excellent, I felt compelled. When I called JA Publications, Jeff explained what needed to be done, how much it would cost and how long it would take, and then did exactly that. We are now on the first page on pretty much all search engines. This is something that two prior SEO experts were not able to do. JA Publications was very easy to reach, we're glad to explain what and why as far as the changes to our site, and was nothing short of professional. I'm so glad we found these guys.

recent clients fatima wahab

Fatima Wahab

( Business Owner )

We are greatly impressed with the straight forward, problem solution tactics that Jeff and his team provided to us. We have had such a run around in the past when it has come to SEO and it is so nice to have someone we can rely on and trust. Jeff went above and beyond in to help our company get positioned right on Mobilization and SEO!

crystal watkins

Crystal Watkins

( Business Owner )

JA Publications did a wonderful job optimizing our web page. They were always prompt at responding, professional, flexible, and took a sincere interest in our business. Jeff and his team have unparalleled experience with SEO; they were able to bring our tutoring website on the first page of Google for our keywords, and gave us great tips and advice on how we can stay at the top. I would strongly recommend JA Publications!

rohen shaw

Rohen Shah

( CEO - )


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What are HTTP or Browser Cookies?

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Why it’s Important to Secure Your WordPress Site

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How to Spot and Address Negative SEO Attempts

The types of people that attempt to harm their competitors rank with negative SEO are usually the same morally questionable guys that pretty much suck as SEOs to begin with. Basically. you’re dealing with all the folks that are not skilled enough at White Hat SEO (or Black Hat for that matter) and must resort to negative SEO.

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What Search Engines do with the Meta Keywords HTML Tag

If the Meta keyword tags were really important ingredients in your recipe for SEO success, Google, Yahoo, and Bing would be the first ones to let you know that you actually need them.

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How to Tell Your SEO Company Sucks in 2016

Let’s face it … SEO is something that many claim to be experts at. I’m not sure why this is, but I do know that it’s one of the many reasons that so many SEO agencies have gotten a bad reputation in the last 5 years.

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